Council of Clubs Minutes

AGM 2013


                                          3Ls COUNCIL of CLUBS

                                             DRAFT MINUTES


Minutes of the meeting on Wednesday, 23rd April 2014 at 10.30am in Room 232 on Level 2 of the Graham Hills Building.


1.     Welcome

The Convenor welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially Grace Gray representing the new Nordic Noir Club.       


2.     Present

Convenor of Clubs

Architecture & Design Eddie Glen                                                         

Book         Jean Adams                                                  

Bridge      Sheila Hawthorn (Minutes)  

 Computer    Jean Masson                                         

French       Douglas Knutt                                                          

Genealogy       Helen Dickson                                        

 German   HelenWilkie                                                                                     

Music Appreciation  Patricia Cook                                          

Nordic Noir       Grace Gray   

Theatre   Grace Smith                                       

Trad. music      George Smith     

 Tuesday   Jessie Clark

3.  Attending

Peter Cairns, 3ls Vice President

Elsa Foley,    Social Convenor                                                                 

Wendy Dallas,  CLL                                      

Janice MacWhirter,   CLL                                                                              

4.      Apologies

Carol Bow (Italian); Wendy McCallum (Art); Myrtle McGregor (Webmaster); Joyce McKenzie (German); William Reid (CLL); Jessie Robertson (French Book); Carmen Rubio-Gutierrez (CLL).


5.     Previous Minutes                                                                                                                            

No amendments were required and the Minutes of the meeting on Wednesday, 12th February 2014 were proposed by Patricia Cook (Music Appreciation) and seconded by Grace Smith (Theatre).


6.     Matters arising/advised

1.      Matters arising/advised

Club Membership Lists: Some are still outstanding. Please confirm to John by email if your list has been submitted and to whom.

Web-site: Each club should have a nominated person who ensures that web pages are kept up to date.

Social Events: The Central Hotel matter is still on-going. The Chairman and the Chief Executive have been contacted. Peter is to meet with the General Manager. Although a 10% reduction was given, the main points at issue have still not been dealt with. 

Book Club: The Book Sale raised 280 for the President’s Charity. There was some disappointment at the number of people. The club will review the organisation for a future event.

 1.      PEEP (Personal Emergency Egress Plan) 

Club members with special needs or mobility problems must be identified as soon as possible. This includes slowness of movement which could impede others. A PEEP must be in place for relevant members for session 2014-2015. Without it they cannot attend club meetings. This is a legal requirement. A PEEP application can be dealt with in a day but Janice would appreciate more notice if possible. Standard wording for use on enrolment forms is being prepared. When finalised, John will send this to clubs, hopefully by the end of August. While people must indicate a mobility issue on the CLL application form, there is no room for detail. In the event of a fire, only club members on the PEEP list will be allowed access to an Evacuation lift as these are controlled by Security. A mobility problem on the Abbotsford outing highlighted that people are not always aware of their own limitations.


8.     A) Items required by the Convenor of Clubs as per Guidelines.

 Make sure you know which items have to be sent to the Convenor.                   

     B) Club Membership lists.

 These should be sent to John and William so that they can cross-check with those who have paid the 3Ls subscription. (William’s email address is w.reid@strath.ac.uk). The lists should be submitted before the end of the first term. Over 30 club members have not paid this session. This is a recurring problem resulting in a loss of income. William will write to those who have not paid for session 2013-2014. The system requires tidying up. Peter hopes to have the membership cards available before the Open Day so that potential club members may show them when enrolling.

9.     President or Club Annual Report

 Reports should be sent to John. He has changed the style of the Report of the Convenor of Clubs to the AGM in the hope of getting messages across. He felt that the Report had lost its significance at the AGM. Peter offered to include any specific club highlights in his report. When John asked for comments on his Report, it transpired that some people had not received the AGM email. They were advised to check that the office had their correct email address and also check that the information had not gone into Junk or Spam.  


DS Accounts (Access to IT, Audio Visual and Photocopying.)

Fill in the form on 7th floor. The cost is still 50. As for session 2013-2014 the CLL will pay half of this. Peter will propose to the Management Council that they again pay the other half. This may change in session 2015-2016. The generosity of both the CLL and the 3Ls in this matter is much appreciated.                                                      When the Account Holder demits office, the account will pass to the New Office Bearer who will be the sole person responsible. The password must be remembered as no copy is kept in the office. In an emergency it can be obtained from IT services.

11. Succession Planning                                                                         

Elsa Foley, Margaret Dunn and Barbara Brown had a very productive meeting on this topic. It is important to keep encouraging club members to participate and better to target a potential replacement than to make a general approach. When changes are made notices and the web-site should be updated as soon as possible. (No residential addresses should appear on these sites!)

12. Social Convenor 

The three outings so far this session had been most enjoyable and interesting – Commonwealth Games Venues, Falkland Palace and Abbotsford. The Games venues showed particularly the benefits to the East End. Plans for the visit to Mount Stuart around June 11th or 12th await the coach price. Elsa will welcome ideas for next year’s outings.

13. Health & Safety

There was no business under this item.

 14. AOCB  

Margaret Dunn (Italian), Douglas Knutt (French) and Helen Wilkie (German) are all demitting office. John thanked them for their attendance at meetings.

Information seminars about the Summer School in Palma will be held in May. Emails will be sent with dates of meetings.

The three clubs represented on the Management Council in session 2014 – 2015 will be Spanish, Theatre and Traditional Music.

William will be asked to have the booking forms for Club accommodation for next session ready by the end of June, if possible. Requests may be made any time over the summer. Because of the University’s Central Booking System classes are timetabled first. It is hoped to have Club bookings available by the Open Day. The cost will still be 5 per hour. Central Pool Room Accommodation is possible through the University.

At the University Association of Lifelong Learning awards in London in April, Rob Mark’s submission ‘The 3Ls Students’ Association’ was Highly Commended and won a Joint 2nd

 place Award. Particularly commended was the joint relationship between the CLL and the 3Ls. Peter accepted the Award on behalf of both groups. He expressed his thanks to all concerned.

Raffle ticket stubs, returned unsold books and cash or cheque should be handed in to the office on Level 7. Cheques should be made out to the 3Ls Students’ Association. All returns should be made by 14th May. Club donations should go to Christine King, Honorary Treasurer.

Peter concluded by thanking John for his very diligent and tireless efforts and his hard work overall during his first year as Convenor of the Council of Clubs. His remarks were warmly applauded by the meeting.


15. Next meeting

The next meeting of the Council of Clubs will be on Wednesday, August 27th at 10.30 am, venue to be advised.







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